Sun Pipe components

The success of a tubular skylight depends on resistance and acurate daylighting technology.

A sun pipe is a daylighting system that captures sunlight on the roof of the building and carries it deep inside in order to provide significant amounts of daylight in the interior spaces, located below the deck.

The sun pipe is comprised of a dome sited on a roof that sits over a duct that goes down inside the building or house. Daylight travels through the duct reaching a diffuser located in its bottom and situated in the ceiling of the room to illuminate.


A reflective south-facing grid located on top of the sun pipe captures sunrays and redirect them into the inside of the duct. Shape and design of the greed will determinate the efficiency of the whole sun pipe, keeping enough light levels in winter, when the angle of incidence of the sun rays is minimum, and at the same time avoiding excessive heat in summer.

The skylight dome must be installed in a very sunny deck area for most of the day, without shadows caused by trees, walls or adjacent buildings. Must be totally waterproof, perfectly sealed, preventing condensation and heat loss.

Depending on the application walkable skylights may be required. Walkable skylights are designed with tri-laminated glass high strength that allows its use as even for the passage of trucks.


The duct must be metallic, without plastic finish, to guaranty stability to sun exposure during all live of tube, avoiding getting yellow, attracting airborne dust, cracking or peeling after prolonged UV exposure besides being ectrostatically neutral.

Each ray reflection inside the duct surface produces light energy loss. The more reflections inside the sun pipe’s duct on its way to the bottom the les light transmittance of daylighting. That’s why the angle of incidence of the sunrays inside sun pipe’s surfaces is crucial to achieve maximum daylight deep inside.


In the ceiling of the room, connected with the above dec at the bottom of the sun pipe it is recommended to insert a light diffuser to get a calid and comfortable light distribution in the interior space under the diffuser, so that it illuminates the room rather than just the area beneath it. It can also be wired so that it acts like a conventional light in the evening.

Sun pipes get completely transform the interior spaces, thanks to daylighting; allowing energy savings up to 40% from a free source and sustainable source.