What are solar reflectors?

PATIOS®DEPLOSUN is an innovative reflector system that captures sunlight on the top of the courtyard and headed inside, dramatically increasing the lighting in these spaces and turning them into verdareras light boxes inside the building.

Where can I install?

Mainly in courtyards in which the top is very sunny end for several hours a day. The darker the yard because of its height, the greater the effect of the spotlight. In contrast, large patios and a few plants, the additional effect of the reflectors is less noticeable. If the patio is covered by a skylight, it will recommend the installation of reflectors only if the skylight is transparent enough and is in good condition.

What is achieved with the installation?

A large increase in luminsidad and sense input sun on the patio, especially during the winter months. As the sun moves throughout the day, the reflected rays are also moving. This creates a nice variation of the quantity and quality of light from the courtyard and the adjacent spaces through windows.

Measurements confirm us of the light level increases up to 7 times the original level in the bottom of a 6-storey courtyard. As already mentioned, the maximum benefit is achieved in the winter months when the sun is low and the reflectors have a peak performance.

How many reflectors are needed?

The number of reflectors needed to illuminate a yard depends on its size and height, but will usually be necessary to use between 20 and 40 elements. By increasing the number of reflectors can increase the solar tour we cover (more hours of operation) or we can increase the level of illumination obtained.

How do you determine the correct location and orientation of the spotlight?

The location and orientation of the reflectors for each of the projects are determined by the Technical SPACE SOLAR. Just a visit or by necessary information (maps and direction of the court) to carry out our Technical Department for each facility project.

If I do not get sun on any area of the upper end of the courtyard, it is advisable to install?

It is not advisable because PATIOS®DEPLOSUN is a system designed to reflect the sun, so it is necessary that the reflectors can be installed on sunny walls for as many hours a day.

Are there different models of reflector?

Yes DEPLOSUN ® reflectors are manufactured in several models and sizes. This allows use in yards in many different configurations and dimensions. Usually small reflectors are suitable for small yards, so they can install a sufficient number of panels. The possibility to install in a single row or several multiply also allows their adaptability to the patio. Consult us for selecting the model that best suits your project.

If the yard is very dirty or degraded, it is advisable to install?

We recommend installing the panels patios DEPLOSUN® in well maintained and painted in a color as clear as possible to enhance the effect of luminosity. Therefore DEPLOSUN ® is the perfect complement to the rehabilitation of inner courtyards, in which power enermemente advantage of a yard clean and well painted, dramatically transforming these spaces and places making them bright and full of life.

What type of skylight is best?

If the patio covered by a skylight will be recommended that it be as transparent as possible to let the sun with the least diffusion. For this purpose the most suitable material is glass transparent laminate, which provides an effect similar to a conventional glass but offering a high level of security against breakage.

Not recommended for the use of reflectors armed DEPLOSUN® glass or polycarbonate panels and cellular in both cases there is an excessive diffusion of the sun's rays, which substantially worsens the effect of the spotlight.

What is the best thing for the fund?

The end of the courtyard is an important element to enhance the sense of light inside. We recommend having a background color as clear as possible, preferably white. This is possible using white tiles (or clear) on the bottom, through a gravel bed or by painting white marble flooring.

Does the entry of sunlight can lead to problems with heat?

Heat is not a problem. The reflectors are designed to provide maximum performance during the winter months, where the sun is low and most needed. In summer sisterma works to a lesser extent, increasing the lighting level without affecting the thermal conditions of the building. On the other hand, the elimination of artificial lighting during the day also decrease the generation of heat inside the building.

Can you make custom reflectors?

DEPLOSUN® reflectors are manufactured in various sizes to suit most configurations patios. However, in individual projects in which you want to spotlight a specific model - either by its geometry and its surface finish - it is possible to manufacture reflectors as even small series. Contact our Sales Department for additional information.

How do I install DEPLOSUN reflectors?

For installation you need access to the walls on which to mount the reflectors. If there is no shortcut, you must use a backup system, usually by hanging or systems scaffolding. Again, take the rehabilitation of the courtyard is an advantage, since you can take advantage of available support systems during rehabilitation. Each panel is held by a movable arm which in turn is fixed to the wall using 3 screws + plug very easily. The installation manual provided by SPACE SOLAR indicates the exact location and orientation of each of the reflectors.

What material is it made of?

The reflectors are made of anodized aluminum, 0.75 mm high total reflectance and weather resistance. The guidance supports or arms and all hardware are manufactured in AISI 304 austenitic stainless steel ensuring the resistance to weathering and corrosion.

What maintenance is required?

Maintenance reflectors require a minimum. Fixtures are made of materials with high resistance to weathering. Although there is a reflective surface fouling initially not a problem for the correct funionamiento system since the very wind and rain kept the panels in a correct state for operation. A cleaning of the panels every 10 years is sufficient as the sole maintenance.

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