Glass Skylights, the key success factor

Walkable Skylights would not be possible without double glazed skylights resistance

Skylights are one of the most important and traditional daylighting devices. Sun pipes include a skylight in its dome wich is a cornerstone for its performance. If you want to get an efficient sun pipe dome you must be a skylight specialist.

All these specialists agree that the skylight must be of glass, discarding plastic option. Espacio Solar goes a step further using double glazed with internal anti-condensation air chamber


There are glass objects made by man 5000 years ago in very good condition. Plastics manufacturers, however, do not give more than 10 year warranty if your product is placed outdoors. Let’s review the advantages of using glass instead of plastic in the manufacture of sun pipes skylights.


Glass is a totally recyclable material without limit in the number of times to be reprocessed. Any properties are lost with the recycling and you can even save 30% of energy on its manufacturing when compared to that consumed in the manufacture of new glass. This is an important factor to be taken into account if we apply sustainability criteria in the production of our raw materials.


Double glazed skylights with internal air chamber sound insulation are far superior to any methacrylate, polycarbonate or glass conventional skylights. If the sound insulation requirements are extremely high, trilaminate air chamber skylights are the solution, reaching 49dBs isolation, perfectly water-tight.


In well-designed sun pipes, glass skylight are perfectly sealed to their respective frames, providing a very good thermal transmittance, much higher than the monovalve methacrylate skylights. Better thermal insulation prevents condensation, so you will not need ventilation, allowing them to be sealed by a rubber gasket at its junction with the socket.


Unlike plastics, glass is an inorganic, inert material that is not affected by atmospheric conditions. Glass skylights do not yellow or crack because of the effect of ultraviolet rays, are not attacked or altered by chemicals, high temperature and mechanical properties so its properties do not change over time. Unlike any plastic, glass installed today will maintain its own properties within 100 or 200 years.


Glass is a material with a high surface hardness, which makes it very resistant to scratching and abrasion. Unlike plastics, the surface hardness is of 6.5 according to Mohs scale. By contrast, skylights methacrylate or polycarbonate scratch easily, losing its transparency and lighting conditions deteriorate over time.

Glass skylights are easily cleaned using proper tools and detergents, ensuring constant and optimal transparency properties throughout its life. That’s a great advantage for sun pipes, whose dome are usually exposed to dirt environmental, contamination or bird droppings. Unlike plastic, glass look like new once again when cleaned.


The sun pipes with tempered glass skylight provide mechanical strength up to 5 times greater than that of conventional float glass, supporting the mechanical requirements set out in UNE-EN ISO 12543-4 with impact of steel ball of 500 gr.

For glass located in sun pipe’s bottom, whose failure might involve risk to people inside the building, safest choice is laminated glass. It consists of two or more layers of glass pressed with butyric sheets between them so that in event of an eventual rupture, pieces stuck together, without removing parts.


Sun pipe must attend very different applications: private housing, public buildings, hospitals, schools, churches, railway stations, parking’s and so on. Whatever the application, sun pipe’s skylight must rigorously meet its technical and aesthetic requirements.

Double grazed skylight can be designed in a way that you can pass on them, by vehicle or on foot. By introducing butyric you can get laminated glasses with high security performance.

Walkable skylights are designed with tri-laminated glass high strength and can withstand up to 1000 kg in the center of the skylight. This allows its use as even for the passage of trucks and other heavy vehicles.