Efficient daylighting systems in buildings

Daylighting systems technology must ensure optimum levels of efficiency in natural lighting in buildings

The most efficient energy is the one that is not used.
In service buildings such as offices, schools and health services, energy consumption in artificial lighting means more than 30% of its total energy consumption.

The increase in electrical rates and the need to reduce electric consumption because of environmental reasons require using artificial light alternatives. As we know, the solution is taking profit of sunlight, a free and inexhaustible light source.

That’s why the use of daylighting systems has become a clue factor in architectural design. Until recently, everything depended on the optimal building orientation, the atria, and the façade light entrances like windows and skylights, which we might call traditional daylighting systems.

But the performance of this traditional systems is insufficient, we need new efficient daylighting systems, like sun pipes and skylight reflectors. Well-designed daylighting projects that incorporate efficient daylighting systems allow savings achieving of up to 40 % in building consumption.


“Efficiency” is usually understood as obtaining a result (a process, a product, a service, etc.) minimizing the energy consumption. But “efficiency” goes beyond; you must also keep or improve the quality of the result, that is, the service performed.

In terms of results in interior building lighting, beyond energy savings we must also pay attention to the quality of the light obtained for the building users to feel and work well.

Optimization of daylighting inside buildings should be one of the main requirements in its design. It’s a functional requirement that should be taken into account from the beginning of the design process, and should be developed with the support of daylighting specialists and incorporating efficient devices, like Espacio Solar and Deplosun daylighting systems technology.

Last but not least, we mustn’t forget environmental issues. Green architecture will never tag a process or a product as “efficient” if it doesn’t respect the environment. That’s why Espacio Solar has decided to set a step forward to market standard by certificating DEPLOSUN daylighting systems with Cradle to Cradle.

Espacio Solar helps to design efficient processes and develops innovative daylighting devices, keeping or even improving the quality of lighting and respecting the environment.

DEPLOSUN daylighting systems technology ensures these optimum levels of efficiency.