DEPLOSUN PATIOS is an innovative reflector system which captures the sun rays in the upper part of the atria and redirection them inside, increasing dramatically daylight, transforming the atria into a light box inside the building. We can recover the atria into new dynamic, lively, bright, enjoyable spaces.

The result is an amazing lighting level increase around seven times the original situation. Multiple sun rays bathe the walls throughout the day lightening adjacent spaces.


  • Adaptable of any Atria
  • Easy to install
  • New construction / Rehabilitation
  • Without movements / maitenance
  • Optimized for winter sun
  • Transparent cover and uncovered Atrias


Should be installed in the upper part of the atria walls were they can capture sun rays and reflect them inside. The elements are fixed and don't need movements nor maintenance. They are made in aluminium with a surface SILVER PLUS treatment and a reflexion index of 98%.


Different shapes and sizes permit our technicians to sequence them into the walls, and easily adapt to any atria shape, with a final integration result. Taylor made shapes can be made under command.


The patented geometry will reflect sun rays all day long, but it is optimized for winter months when sun rays are low and light is more needed. Sun heat will never be a problem in winter.

Sun rays entering and moving trough the atria creates a warm and wellness atmosphere, connecting outside with inside.