ESPACIO SOLAR ENGENEERING AND CONSULTING we advise architecture studios, public agencies and enterprises on the way to optimize daylighting in their buildings and projects. Let our engineers and architects team work with you in increasing daylighting in your buildings and get pleasant and sustainable spaces thanks to our advanced Day Light Consulting services.

YOUR DAYLIGHTING EXPERT As well as you contract a structure, artificial lighting or landscape specialist for your projects, trust Espacio Solar for getting maximum profit from daylighting. Our 10 years experience in any kind of projects back our service. In order to obtain an optimal result in lighting, it would be ideal to combine artificial and daylighting projects. With that we will get the desired lighting level taking maximum profit from natural light, controlling artificial light and maintaining heat gains low.

HEAT IS NO LONGER A PROBLEM We have to eliminate the idea that sun implies heat, and think that current technology allows to light in an efficient way almost without heat.


Are 3D computer simulations where sun incidence on a building is studied, studying sun and shadow areas along the day and seasons.


We calculate the amount of daylight that a space will have. We advise you with effective solutions in order to optimize and achieve optimal and comfortable light levels.


Light study, executive proposal and real daylighting application with DEPLOSUN 600 as a standard solution for sports halls together with great windows towards north orientation. (consell comarcal de l’esport).


Consultant in natural lighting to achieve LEED certification in paragraph Day-light views and actual implementation.



Fu gee Harbour, Taiwan

Architect: Vicente Guallart Cellular modules that capture daylighting in their upper part and allow ventilation through motorized domes that work as vents.

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Sta Madrona school,
Fundació la Caixa

Architect: Jordi Fosas, Angel Fibla A forest of sun pipes that light the Master Class. Artificial lighting regulated trough photosensor in order to obtain maximum energy savings.

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E.T.S.A.B. Classrooms,

Architect: Sonia Cayuela Substitution of the old domes by DEPLOSUN skylights in order to optimize daylighting harvesting on the classroom lateral walls. The project respects the idea of the architect J.A. Coderch who made the original project.

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