We are daylight specialist. DEPLOSUN Sun Pipes & skylight reflectors systems are our core business


Natural light is a human right.

Everyone prefers to live and work in daylight environments. As a result of countless studies, we know that natural light makes people more productive at work, better recovering from illness in hospitals and achieve better attitude and much higher sense of well-being.
Why give it up if green architecture technology to get there is affordable and easy to install?


DEPLOSUN SUN PIPES. THE Most advanced and efficient in the market.

The DOUBLE GLAZED TEMPERED TUBULAR SKYLIGHT unique on the energy efficient sunlight market, with DEPLOCELL TECHNOLOGY integrated, that warranties the best lighting performance besides the best thermal and acoustic isolation. With DEPLOSUN SUN PIPES you will be able to bring sun rays to many areas inside any building in the most efficient way.
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DEPLOSUN PATIOS. Reflector system that converts atria in a light box inside the buildings

An innovative reflector system which captures the sun rays in the upper part of the atria and redirects them inside, increasing dramatically daylighting inside the building. Multiple sun rays bathe the walls throughout the day lightening adjacent spaces.
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